As an OSRS buddy of mine put it

As an OSRS buddy of mine put it

Postby wfuuopy » 28 Jul 2020, 05:40

No OP equipment! Dragon battle axe, D med, and runescape 2007 gold D Square are currently BiS. Chainmail is now important since plate bodies eliminate gloves. We would like choices, not that many. Last but not least, sleeping bags! Everyone knows robots can not browse captchas, botting has now become obsolete!Jagex, I'm available whenever you are ready. Nothing could ever compare to playing pre eoc for me personally. RSHD, Nex, Summoning, Dungeoneering, WGS, RotM, many other questlines and minigames, also likely most importantly the very distinct game community back then were all the summit of rs for me personally. As imbalanced as they were, they attracted sheer pleasure to me, and I am happy I was able to experience them all in glory before matters died out.

Ideals and attitudes toward RuneScape changed since then though, game balance and endurance is given more attention today, so I am content with that remaining just a memory now. Game-wise? OSRS is in a way better condition than pre-eoc and it's not even close. There is much more good content and the material is balanced for the most part. Things are really implemented by the JMods the players listen and want to feedback. Is that the sheer quantity of quests which came out then. Community-wise? Pre-eoc was even better. People speak about stealing soul wars, creation and all kinds of things they recall having fun with. They'd be ghost towns unless they place any overpowered wages in Should they put those things into OSRS.

Wheel of Fortune getting shoved down your throat sucks, but the Iron encounter is actually quite nice and removes the matter. There is a good deal more to perform in RS3, and some zones look amazing. The 6th age narrative is also great, so I advise checking it out if you prefer lore. Additionally, leveling in overall feels more engaging (minus agility. Agility stinks. You all have any rooftop classes to spare?) That is also not the purpose. They are not saying they do not understand to go do quests, they're saying they're overwhelmed, and I do not blame them.

As an OSRS buddy of mine put it"I understand doing quests is important, but my point is that RuneScape just kinda frees you into this place with shit everywhere, everything's an event. While being bombarded with:'pick up leaves for the leaves on the ground day occasion! Additionally it is christmas & halloween at exactly the exact same time and do the yak open some gambling chests and go do these 5 quests today! 'It's like, dude I just made a username and password, chill. There is just so much shit happening all the time and if you're new, you don't have time to get all." The issue isn't"what should I do?" It is if they could find RuneScape out.

Well said. And don't forget, in the midst of this, everyone has glowing wings and 10ft tall demons and staffs that always burst around your screen... the images want to overwhelm you. I would not even know where the bankers were at the ge, if I had been a new player. RS3 for 18 decades and I have been enjoying. Above all, I hate the ridiculous cosmetics in RuneScape. It doesn't look like RuneScape anymore and it destroyed RuneScape more. This is coming from a guy that has been wearing bunny ears this entire time. I stick to buy RS gold population worlds today but it's getting lonely.
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