How good is 2K20 compared to 2K19?

How good is 2K20 compared to 2K19?

Postby wfuuopy » 28 Jul 2020, 05:43

Hey everyone, so I have been playing 2K19 for the past couple of Nba 2k21 Mt years. NBA 2K20 is currently free on PS Plus, I'm gont download it, can you guys tell me what the largest differences are and if 2K20 is actually better than 2K19? I heard they awakened this year, dribbling and shooting. Also, SHOULD I proceed from 2K19 to 20? I play MyCareer btw and offline modes. Why would not you change? Its free. The now and build system has overhauled builds are customizable. I think that is the difference. With the exception of added customization options to your myplayer in 20, 19 is liked by me. Alot of ppl here who concur, have listed the same reasons that I would put down. I cant give my perspective though if you'd like.

Since 2K19 gets closed down in January, Frankly, you're better off switching to 2K20. I personally like the offline of 2K19 far over 2K20 because they made it extremely hard to grind certain assembles pretty much forcing you to perform a certain way to get them (example, attempting to grind defensive badges on a shield. Should you play with legit hope around 2K-4k each game. But should you cheese it is possible to make up to 25k per match ). The internet got improved a bit. especially takeovers. You don't have men getting pole scoring takeover and pitching elbows every post spin. No more emote stuck.

As for the shooting, its right about the way 2K19 is. Super simple with a good launch exactly like 2K19. Recall pure rim protectors? Constant greens. Dribbling got dumbed down, there is like 3 moves that if you are not a good dribbler you're going to be blinking before you make it up the court if you don't invest tons of vc on Gatorade and gym rat (which you can get by finishing a season instead of attaining SS3). I made a playmaking sharp like always, and I have never been disappointed. NBA 2K is 100% dependent on 2 things, badges and hot zones.

A 65 3pt rating will make over 70% of their threes (contested or not) in a hot zone with all the badge, whereas an 88 3pt rating will make under 20 percent (wide open) without the hot zones. So basically, if you mean to start playing today do not bother playing park, pristine lockdowns who've been playing for 5 months+ will green everything along with also a pure sharp who hasn't will create nothing.

19, my player shrewd is better imo. It seems they make our players worse and worse. In 19 we'd be able to become great at at least a few things. The pie graph process is weak imo that is super. Im not sure how MyGM/My League was in 19 but Im enjoying it in 20. Pie graph system allows for archetypes. This the best our MyPlayers have been because 15/16. I tried to create my players out of the year earlier and buy nba 2k21 mt coins they were worse. The pie graphs blind you guys. There is from 19 A pure finisher PF literally the pie chart except better.
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